Beautiful Shutter Blinds, Measured & Installed by Experts.

Our Plantation Window Shutters can be designed to suit your taste and compliment the style of your home. We will visit your home with all our samples and help you choose the perfect Shutters for your windows. Our Shutters come in a range of colours and materials and a home appointment is free in Essex, Suffolk and surrounding areas including Colchester and Chelmsford. Whether its MDF Shutters, Hardwood Shutters or White Teak Wood Shutters you choose our expert fitting team will take great care in ensuring they are installed perfectly and will leave your home as clean and tidy as they found it. Shutter Blinds are fast becoming the window covering of choice in Essex and Suffolk and unlike conventional blinds the measuring and installation is crucial to guarantee a quality finish. At Indigo Blinds & Shutters, we guarantee our Shutters and our fitting for 5 Years.



Our Range of made to measure Plantation Shutters are manufactured by the largest and most renowned Shutter manufacturer in the world. Using the best materials available to ensure a long lasting, durable product that will stay looking fantastic for many years.


From £260 per Square Metre

The Seattle Shutter Range is manufactured using an MDF core and a tough polymer coating. It is available in 9 whites, creams and greys and is perfect for small to medium sized windows. Due to its weight, for larger windows and doors we would recommend either opting for a tracking system or for lighter weight material such as Boston or Phoenix. Although this is our most affordable Plantation Shutter range, it is manufactured by the same world renowned factory and is of the highest quality.

The Seattle range cannot be installed where moisture is present, such as shower rooms and bathrooms. For these rooms we recommend our Hollywood range which is 100% waterproof.

As with all our other ranges, our Seattle Shutters can be customised with 4 different louvres sizes, 3 tilt options and 5 hinge colours as well as many different frame options and installation styles.

Main Benefits

  • Tough & Durable

  • Low Cost Option

  • Almost identical to the Hardwood alternative

  • Available in 5 Whites & Creams

  • 5 Year Guarantee



From £340 per Square Metre

The Montana Shutters Range is crafted from solid basswood. Basswood is a very high quality hardwood and comes from the Tillia tree, chosen for centuries for its light weight and fine light grain. It is an ideal material for Plantation Shutters. Due to the density of the wood, Montana Shutters are excellent heat insulators and can almost double the effectiveness of a standard double glazed UPVC window unit. Montana Shutter stiles use mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability. It also has excellent acoustic properties, helping reduce outside noise in your home. All of our hardwood ranges are manufactured using ethically soured woods which are dried out for 2 years prior to manufacture.

Montana Shutters are much lighter than MDF so ideal for larger windows and doors, it also gives us the ability to hang up to four panels together. Available in 28 different colours and stains and can be colour matched to any Farrow & Ball or Dulux Paint.

Main Benefits

  • Lightweight & Smooth finish

  • Available in wide range of colours and stains

  • Can colour match to Dulux and Farrow & Ball

  • Available in custom shapes

  • 5 Year Guarantee



From £340 per Square Metre

The Hollywood range is specifically for bathrooms or other high moisture areas. It 100% waterproof and comes with marine grade stainless steel hinges and hardware as standard. It is manufactured using ABS composite closed cell material ensuring it is a strong durable product. It looks almost exactly like our MDF and Hardwood products and can therefore be chosen to be installed alongside the other ranges in your home.

Main Benefits

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Hardwearing and Robust

  • Looks almost identical to the wooden alternatives

  • Available in 6 Whites and Creams

  • 5 Year Guarantee



The type of Shutters you choose will depend on your window and your taste, but with Plantation Shutters there us a styler everyone.


Full height Shutters cover the full height of your window. They suit all types of window and can be ordered with or without a dividing rail.



Cafe Style Shutters only cover the bottom part of your window providing a unique style often favoured in Victorian style houses. It blends privacy a light beautifully.



Tier-on-Tier Shutters are split opening Shutters. Giving you the benefit of opening the top tier separately to the bottom tier. Ideal for tall windows.



The Tracking Shutter system allows Shutters to be installed over large doors and windows. It also provides the benefit of bunching all of your panels to one side.



Shutters are ideal for Bay Windows. Designed to fit perfectly into any type of bay, they will give your home a unique and elegant look.



Our Shutters can be made to fit perfectly into any shape window. Truly bespoke Shutter to make your home unique.



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