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A Buyers Guide – White Window Shutters

By quite a large margin, white is our most popular choice when our customers are choosing a colour for their Shutters. But why is this? Is it simply the trend at the moment? Possibly, but we think there maybe more to it than that. For most, investing in Shutters is a big decision and choosing how they are going to look is extremely important.

Don’t Restrict Your Choice of Decor

One of the factors we encourage our potential customers to consider is the change in decor fashions. In 5, maybe 10 years the colour on your walls may no longer speak to you in the way it once did. So out come the paintbrushes and a few days later, voila your room is now bang on trend. But what if your Shutters now clash horribly with your fresh new look? What if your choice of Bisque coloured Shutters now no longer matches your Dusty Pink walls? You’re hardly going to call us back in 5 years time to have them all replaced!! Although we would happily oblige! For this reason, a more neutral colour, such as white, can sometimes be a wise decision as it is less likely to restrict your choice of interior decoration when the time comes.

Don’t Block Out the Light

A common concern about buying Plantation Shutters is light. We are regularly asked “Will Shutters make my house dark?”. The honest answer is, they can do if don’t get your options right. There are several factors that can restrict the amount of light Shutters will let into a room. The main ones are, Panel Size, Louvre Size & Colour. If you choose a darker colour, much of the light is absorbed and doesn’t get reflected. You can sometimes combat this issue by increasing your panel and louvre sizes to compensate. If, however, you opt for a White or Cream colour the light hits the louvres and bounces into the room – often making the room brighter than without Shutters! Combine this with larger panels and louvres and you really do not need to be concerned about Shutters making your home dark.

Keep Your Options Open

Most Shutter manufacturers will restrict your colour choice on their ‘cheaper’ ranges. This is because they can produce a cheaper product by simplifying their processes. Our entry level product, the Seattle range, manufactured using MDF, is only available in 5 shades of whites and creams. Despite this, Seattle Shutters continue to be our most popular range and we love them. Many people have preconceptions about MDF Shutters, but I am here to tell you the Seattle range is a very high quality, beautifully finished Shutter product that should not be overlooked. It is tough and durable and looks just the same as its hardwood relative. Of course, it has its restrictions. Its heavier than the other wooden ranges and it cannot be fitted where moisture is present and as I previously mentioned its only available in Whites and Creams but for most situations it ticks all the boxes. Prices for MDF start at £240m2.

Indigo Blinds & Shutters are a small essex based company specialising in the installation of Plantation Shutters. Our coverage area includes all of Essex, South Suffolk, East Hertfordshire, Cambridge and North London.

If you are interested in getting a quote from us, you can call us on 01787 275249 or fill in our contact form online and we will get back to you with 24hrs.

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