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Save Energy with Wooden Shutters

Save Energy with Wooden Shutters

As we all become more aware of our carbon footprint, our focus on saving energy becomes more pressing. Trying to minimise our heating and energy bills is a great way to save money and reduce your impact on global warming.

Plantation Shutters are fast becoming the window dressing of choice in the UK and it not just the way they can transform a home that appeals. They are also excellent eco saving products. Up to 18% of the heat lost from your house is through your windows and this figure increases for older style single glazed windows. Installing Shutters can make a 40% improvement in their efficiency. This is because wood is a natural insulator due to the pockets in the cellular construction which traps air within its cell walls, creating a barrier for heat loss.

This video shows the difference in temperature between an open and closed Shutter panel.


Shutters also create an air layer between it and the window, this layer of air acts as a barrier for the transfer of heat into the room. So during the day, with the panels open, you are harvesting the natural heat of the sun to warm the room up and at night you can close the panels and benefit from an extra barrier from the cold.

Not only are Window Shutters energy efficient, they are also both practical and beautiful. No other window dressing provides you with the range of light control and privacy control you get with Shutters and certainly not whilst looking as elegant.

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